Parents are their child’s first and most important teachers.

Parents are an integral part of their child’s education and there are many ways in which parents can involve themselves in their child’s school life. Parents can actively participate through assisting in the classroom, attending school Masses and learning events, volunteer to assist with reading during RATS, attend school working bees, join the Parents and Friends Association or the School board, attend sports days and excursions or simply enjoy the social functions offered throughout the year. Children thrive when they know their parents have an interest in their life at school.

St Mary’s Primary school adheres to all Child Safe standards and laws, and encourages all parents to get a Working With Children’s Check which is free if volunteering in the school. Here is the link to begin the process

Parent & Friends Association (P&F)

The P&F is an essential part of school for both social events and financial support that it provides. The P&F provides opportunities for all of us to socialise in the community, come together and work collectively for a common goal. The funds raised by the P&F are always spent improving educational opportunities for our Learners. We welcome anyone into our P&F and are proud of our strong sense of community.

If you would like to join the P&F, please contact Jarrod Mullavey at school - 5456 2062 for more information.


School Advisory Council (SAC)

St Mary’s School Advisory Council (SAC) is founded on the philosophy of ‘Shared Wisdom.’ St Mary’s SAC is an advisory council that plays an important role in the collaboration of decision making that impacts the school’s future direction. The Strategic Plan provides a scaffold for school renewal and improvement and is an active document referred to continually.

School Advisory Council Members 2023

Principal: Jarrod Mullavey

Board Chair: Brent Borkowski

Committee Members:

  • Tim Douglass
  • Kris Cameron
  • Shelley Matthews
  • Clancy Bishop
  • Rob Merkel
  • Josh Coombs
  • Ella Pollock
  • Sach Kier

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