St Mary’s is the Catholic school in the town of Cohuna. We have a rich and authentic Catholic Identity where we Glorify God in all things good! Today the Parish of St. Mary's and the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception still retain a strong link with the School and local community.

St Mary’s is a safe and inclusive school where the gifts, talents and beliefs are all embraced and celebrated.

Our Religious Education Program

St Mary’s integrates the ‘Source of Life program’ into the curriculum daily. The Source of Life is a program designed by the Diocese of Sandhurst and is delivered for approximately two and a half hours a week. Prayer, liturgy and attendance to Mass is also an integral part to one’s faith development and the school partakes in such traditions regularly. All Learners enrolled at St Mary’s are taught Religious Education and expected to take part in these rituals and traditions. Concepts, values and key messages taught in Religious Education underpin all that we say and do.

An individual’s religious education is a lifelong process and attending a Catholic School only enhances this. Religious education in the 21st Century aims to;

  • Foster within each individual a relationship with God.
  • Immerse children in the story of the Catholic Faith Traditions and to understand the faith traditions in others.
  • Create better self knowledge and spiritual growth.
  • Actively commit to acts of social justice and Reconciliation and recognise that these are grounded in the story of Jesus.

Our Sacramental Program

St Mary’s offers a Sacramental program annually to its age-appropriate Candidates. A Sacramental Candidate must have been baptised in a Catholic Church for this faith journey to continue in the Catholic Church. Our sacramental program is taught within Religious Education in Years 3 - 6 during school hours. 

Sacraments of baptised children are celebrated in the following years: 

Year 3 - Reconciliation (Term 4 - November) 

Year 4 - First Eucharist (Term 3 - August)

Year 4 - Confirmation (Term 3 - August) 

Anyone interested in Baptism should contact St Mary’s Parish Sacramental Leader.

Any community members not enrolled at St Mary’s is to contact the Parish for Parish-based Sacramental programs. 

Phone: 03 5456 2312

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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